Prosser Pumps

Prosser Pumps & Parts

Available Series Include:

  • 4SED, 3.0 HP, 1750 RPM
  • 4SED, 5.0 HP, 1750 RPM
  • 4SED, 7.5 HP, 1750 RPM
  • 4SED, 10 HP, 1750 RPM

Portable Electric Submersible Pumps require no priming, suction hose or foot valves. These pumps can operate in up to 104°F (40°C) temperature water. Before pumping fluids other than water consult the factory, giving fluid, fluid temperature, specific gravity, viscosity, capacity in USGPM and total head and/or pressure requirements, including friction loss through discharge line, fittings, valves.

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